Send a letter as a fax using Cliniko

You can send faxes via GoFax directly from your Cliniko practice management software. This workaround is fast and easy.  
Send a Letter as a fax using the email function in your Cliniko practice management application. 
To send a fax via email using GoFax, you will need to add your email address as an allowed sender on your GoFax Account. You can find your Cliniko email under Cliniko -> Settings -> Our Clinic -> General settings -> Communication -> Email reply to
See how to Manage allowed senders for fax. Once you have completed this step you can send Letters from Cliniko as a fax (via email) using GoFax. 
Instructional workaround for sending a Letter as a fax via Cliniko: 
  1. Login to your Cliniko practice management application
  2. Go to Patients -> Open Patient details
  3. Select Letters -> Select a letter you have created or add a new letter  (Please make sure you have set up Letter Templates under  Cliniko -> Settings ->  Patients ->  Letter templates)
  4. Once you have selected the Letter -> Click Email on the right top corner 
  5. Under Email letter -> Select New Recipient in the Send To field
  6. Enter the recipient email address as (When sending a fax to a standard Australian (02, 03, 07, 08) number, be sure to include the area code with no space. For example ) 
  7. Subject: Enter a new subject if you wish to change it  e.g: John Referral Letter
  8. Format - Select -> Send the letter as a PDF attachment to the email
  9. Click Send

Note: Only Letters can be sent as a fax using the email function within Cliniko. If you wish to send other files we recommend you to use the GoFax online portalGoFax App or Email to Fax via your email client.