Manage allowed senders for fax

When sending faxes using email, GoFax will check t he "From:" field in the email header details against your account’s registered "authorised email addresses".  

To manage your account’s list of authorised/allowed fax sender email addresses 

  1. Log in  to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu "Dashboard"
  3. Select "Send Fax Service", then "Manage Send Settings"  
  4. Select "Allowed Senders for Fax Send".    

To add a new email address as an authorised fax sender

  1. Under "Add a new Address" enter the email address or wildcard in the "Email" field.  * See below for details authorising an email domain for fax sending (wildcard).  
  2. Enter optional "CSID" (Sender Fax ID): (Maximum 11 characters, no spaces or special characters)
  3. Enter optional "Header" (Appears at top of faxes): (Maximum 21 characters, spaces allowed, no special characters)  
  4. Click "Add New". 

To update an existing authorised fax sender

  1. Click "Edit" for the specific "Allowed Sender for Fax Send"  
  2. Update the "Email",  "CSID" and "Header" fields, as well as the "Auto Delete Fax Pages" tick box as required. 
  3. Click "Save".

To delete an existing authorised sender: 

  1. All "Allowed Senders for Fax" can be updated or deleted at any time. 
  2. Click "Delete"  for the specific "Allowed Sender for Fax Send"
  3. Click "Yes, Delete Now".

Please note:  While our system includes the specified CSID and header information with every fax from a given authorised sender, where and how that information will appear on the recipient’s fax printout / document are governed by the settings of the recipient’s fax machine / service.  Every fax machine stores the CSID sent with any received fax in its log of received faxes.  

Authorising an email domain for fax sending (wildcard) 

You can configure all email addresses within your business domain as an authorised sender .  To do so, enter an asterisk (*), then the @ symbol and your domain name in the "Authorised Email Address"  For example, if you want everyone with a "" email address to send fax via your GoFax account, you would include  *  in the "Authorised Email Address" field.  This is otherwise known as a “wildcard domain”.     

IMPORTANT:  Adding a wildcard  domain allows anyone whose email client "From:" settings include that domain to send via your service. Only set this if you are certain that everyone with access to that domain for email sending is authorised to send faxes via your account on our system.  DO NOT use a public email domain.

Auto delete of fax pages sent

By default, GoFax securely stores the page content of each fax sent. There is an optional feature called "Auto Delete Fax Pages". When activated per sender, GoFax w ill  delete the page content of all faxes sent from an authorised sender immediately after confirmation of send success or failure. 

How to activate "Auto Delete Fax Pages":

  1. Click "Edit" in the authorised sender’s line item
  2. Select "Auto Delete Fax Pages"
  3. Click "Save".


Please note: Deleting fax pages does not delete the sending record (meta data) for the fax from your account’s log. We are legally required to maintain a log of all faxes sent for a twelve-month period. 

Setting "Auto Delete Fax Pages" will only delete fax page content sent from the configured authorised email sender after the auto delete function was set up.


Contact us for further assistance.