How to send a fax from email

To send faxes from email using the GoFax Email to Fax service you require the following:      
  1. An online account with GoFax
  2. Purchased GoFax Send credits
  3. Your email address added as an ‘Allowed Sender’ on your GoFax account 
Email to Fax service sending a fax is fast and convenient and faxes can be sent anywhere you have internet or access to email:
  1. Create a new email message in any email application / service, e.g. Outlook® or Gmail™
  2. Enter the fax number followed by in the To: field (Please note : GoFax will not pick up any fax numbers in the ‘Cc…’ or ‘Bcc…’ fields).
    1. When sending a fax to a standard Australian (02, 03, 07, 08) number, include the area code with no space. For example
    2. When sending to a 1300/1800 number: /
    3. When faxing internationally: (Do not include the standard international dialing prefix, i.e. 0011, 0018, etc. or a plus). For example: If sending a fax to (234) 555-6789 in the Americas (+1 country code), enter
  1. Enter a "Subject Line" for your own reference/reporting (this will not be included in the fax).
  2. Attach the fax e.g. PDF, Word doc etc. See all Accepted Fax File Types.
  3. See Service Specifications for other functionality or details e.g. Maximum page limits and maximum file sizes.
  4. Click "Send".
Please note:
  1. If you wish to send the body of the email as the fax or include it as a cover page for your attached documents, simply enter in the Subject Line a space after any text and /b
  2. To send the fax in High Resolution, simply enter in the Subject Line a space after any text and /hq *Note- additional charges apply for High Resolution sending. 
  3. These settings as well as many others are available to add to all faxes sent. Manage from your GoFax Account. Go to “Send Fax Service” then “Manage Send Settings,” then "General Send Fax Settings".