How to send an SMS broadcast

To send an SMS broadcast using the GoFax secure web portal, you require the following: 

  1. An online account with GoFax (create an account here)
  2. Purchased GoFax SMS send credits (check out pricing here)

Note: please ensure that your account has enough credits available for the fax broadcast send. 

Creating an Address Book

To make sending an SMS broadcast easy, you first need to create an Address Book of mobile numbers.

  1. Login to the GoFax secure web portal.
  2. From the dashboard, navigate to "My Settings" on the main left navigation and select "Manage Address Books" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on "Send SMS Service" under the "Address Books" dropdown menu. 
  4. Add a name for the new Address Book and click "Go!". The newly created Address Book will appear on the left.
  5. Click on your Address Book to add contacts to it. You can upload contacts via a CSV by selecting a file from your device and clicking "Upload File".

Sending an SMS using an Address Book

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to "Send SMS Service" on the main left navigation and select "Send SMS using Address Book". 
  2. Address Book: Select the Address Book from the dropdown menu that you want to send the SMS broadcast to.
  3. Sender ID/Virtual Number:  use this space to enter a unique Sender ID (an 11-digital alphanumeric tag) or a dedicated virtual mobile number. If left blank, a GoFax shared number will be used. Note: if a unique Sender ID is used (such as your business name), you will not be able to receive replies to your SMS broadcast. See: Sender ID for SMS
  4. Message: Enter the SMS message. You can send using personalisation tokens, including {firstname}, {lastname} and {company}. These personalisation tokens will only work if these fields have been included in the Address Book.
  5. Click "Send Now" to send your SMS broadcast .


    Note: to comply with the Australian Spam Act 2003, please ensure that you identity yourself when sending an SMS marketing message and that an opt-out method is included.

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