Sender ID for SMS

What is a SMS Sender ID?

The Sender ID is an alphanumeric or numeric identification for SMS messages sent. The Sender ID appears at the top of a text message conversation to identify to receiving contacts who the message has been sent and received from.  
There are three types of Sender IDs that GoFax uses:  
  1. Custom Word
  2. Virtual Numbers
  3. Shared Numbers 

Custom Word:

Custom word allows you to personalise the Sender ID up to 11 characters alphanumeric or numeric, this could be your business name or any other word e.g. GoFax
You cannot receive SMS replies when using a custom word option. 

Virtual Mobile Number:

A dedicated virtual mobile number can be used for 2-Way SMS and is exclusive to your account only. View details on how to configure a dedicated virtual mobile number.

Shared Number: 

A shared number allows recipients of SMS to reply for up to 48 hours using a shared number provided by GoFax. This number is not unique to your business, however it is free to use and supports two-way SMS. To receive an SMS reply for up to 48 hours, leave the Sender ID blank.  
Please note: You cannot use a landline number as a Sender ID as these messages may get rejected by Mobile Carrier Networks.