How to configure my virtual mobile number

To use a virtual mobile number via GoFax you will require the following:      
  1. An online account with GoFax
  2. Purchased a GoFax Virtual Mobile Number service
  3. Purchased GoFax Send credits for SMS sending

What is a virtual mobile number?

A virtual mobile number can be used for 2-Way SMS and is a mobile number dedicated for use on your account only. The benefits of configuring a dedicated virtual number: 
  1. Allows you to send and receive replies from a dedicated mobile number 24/7
  2. Is a consistent number that you can use across all of your marketing material
  3. Provides a consistent and dedicated SMS sender ID for recipients to add to their address book

How can I activate a dedicated virtual number on my GoFax account? 

This optional feature can be activated upon request. View pricing and details.  To order a a new GoFax Virtual Mobile Number please contact us or send an email from your Authorised Account Holder email address to

How to use the virtual mobile number? 

You can use your virtual mobile number as the Sender ID to receive SMS replies. You can configure this dedicated virtual mobile number as your SMS Sender ID, using either of the following methods:
  1. Sending SMS online-  See instructions for how to configure this as your Sender ID
  2. Sending SMS via email -  See instructions for how to configure this as your Sender ID.  
  3. Sending SMS via API- View SMS API.
You can view your SMS replies via the GoFax secure web portal, view How to View SMS Reports. Additionally, you can also receive an email notification with the SMS reply.

How to update my email address to receive notifications for my virtual mobile number?  

All notifications are sent to the nominated email address/s configured on your Gofax Virtual Mobile Number. To update these settings:   
  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal 
  2. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard
  3. Select "Send SMS Service", click "Manage Virtual SMS Settings"
  4. Select your Virtual Mobile Number from the "Choose a number" option
  5. Enter email address, then click "Add Now" 
  6. Repeat the above process to add multiple email addresses. 
Contact us for further assistance.