Monitoring your fax receive usage

All GoFax Receive Fax Number services  are configured under various "Receive Plans" or "Bundle Plans", with included quantities of inbound fax pages per month.

  1. There is no limit to the quantity of incoming fax pages an active receive service can receive
  2. Any additional fax pages received in excess of the included monthly quota are charged at a per additional fax page rate, see pricing .   
We recommend ongoing monitoring of your fax receive usage per fax number/plan. You can easily monitor usage by either: 
  1. Reviewing your invoices or 
  2. Reviewing your fax receive reporting
If you are regularly receiving and/or sending more than your included plan, you may wish to consider switching plans to provide better value and/or flexibility. View Receive Plans, Bundle Plans or Send Pricing for further comparison.  Or contact us for assistance in reviewing. 

Please note: We apply a plan change fee per number per change.  View our full terms for all details receive quotas, plan changes and downgrading/upgrading plans.