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Fax security

GoFax provides a range of solutions to secure online faxes sent and received using GoFax, with advanced encryption standards, SSL web service, and rigorous security features. Here is some additional information to assist in understanding fax security using GoFax. 
  1. Fax security
    All fax data stored with GoFax is encrypted at rest and in transit to/from GoFax to our line carriers. 
  2. We provide an optional Data Sovereignty feature providing enhanced security on fax content. 
  3. For data encryption during transmission to/from GoFax e.g. faxes from your organisation to GoFax, we provide a range of optional secure methods for fax sending/receiving.
    1. If using email, we recommend TLS encryption or
    2. Activation of email encryption certificates per computer/device.
    3. Other secure methods for transmitting faxes via GoFax include API, the secure portal and the GoFax app.
  4. Once the fax transmission is underway, like traditional fax technology, there is no way to secure the call as such (e.g. to the recipient's fax machine), however, fax technology transmits your messages via phone lines, which is inherently secure. 
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GoFax is ISO/IEC 27001 certified

GoFax complies with the global information security standards for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).