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Data sovereignty

What is data sovereignty?

Data sovereignty itself is the concept that information which has been converted and stored in binary digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located. Based on certain industries who rely on sending and receiving sensitive documents such as healthcare and government, this may be a key requirement for compliance reasons. 
GoFax® offers a true data sovereignty option for online fax services. This is an optional security advantage that GoFax offers over its competitors to ensure all data is kept and processed only within the country of origin. With all GoFax databases and infrastructure located within Australia, when using the optional Data Sovereignty option, your data will not leave the country or be subject to foreign laws.  
GoFax offers best in class data sovereignty for online faxing in Australia: 
  1. Government approved secure co-locations that provide high level security, infrastructure redundancies and vulnerability risk management strategies.  
  2. Onshore routing, processing and storage of information within Australia as well as all infrastructure owned by GoFax. 
  3. Supplier SLA and confidentiality agreements to ensure intellectual property and customer data is secure.  
  4. GoFax is Government accredited GITC Q-5426 and QAssure-11225 assigned. 
  5. GoFax works closely to meet strict security and compliance requirements for many of the top healthcare, government, legal and financial organisations handling sensitive data.

How can I activate data sovereignty on my GoFax account?

This optional feature can be activated instantly, providing total peace of mind around the security of your organisations data.  To learn more about this optional feature including pricing, please contact us or send an email from your Authorised Account Holder email address to support@gofax.com.au