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Encryption on fax sending and receiving using email

GoFax provides automatic secure faxing when sending and receiving faxes via our online portal, our desktop software or when interfacing via our API.

When sending or receiving faxes via email, we offer two options:

  1. Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is active by default for all GoFax accounts. TLS encryption simply needs to be enabled on the user's mail exchange / mail relay server. As long as TLS is configured on your outbound and/or inbound email server, both systems will communicate using TLS encryption. If a TLS connection fails, the sending server will then attempt the email via standard, un-encrypted channels. If you need to ensure that TLS encryption is used all the time, you may wish to review your mail exchange server's documentation regarding setup of a dedicated TLS connector to GoFax; the domain to use with any connector is: smtp-lb.gofax.com.au
  1. Secure email certificate (S/MIME) encryption can be set up for email-to-fax sending ( see GoFax Email-to-Fax Send Encryption activation) and fax-to email receiving (see GoFax Fax-to-Email Receive Encryption activation).
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