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Do Not Call Register Fax List Washing

A free Do Not Call Register (DNCR) Fax List Washing facility is available via the GoFax Fax Broadcast service. 

When selected, your fax list will be automatically ‘washed’ against the Australian Do Not Call Register and all fax numbers on the register will be automatically eliminated from the fax broadcast send once uploaded.

To utilise this feature when sending your fax broadcast/ fax campaign via GoFax: 

  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. ​Go to the left main menu "Dashboard"
  3. Select "Send Fax Service", then select "Broadcast Fax (CSV Upload)"
  4. Select the option to 'Use DNCR List Washing’
  5. Check all fax files are correct.
  6. Click 'Send Now'.

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