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Can I port my existing fax number to GoFax?

GoFax can port/transfer existing fax numbers from most major carriers across Australia, New Zealand and over 50 countries globally. When a number is ported to GoFax, all faxes are received securely and provided via email, online, the GoFax app or via our range of optional integrations. 

The availability of transferring your existing fax number to GoFax may depend on factors such as: 

  • existing service provider/carrier
  • the configuration of your number

We recommend getting in touch with your existing provider to review portability on your existing fax number 👍.

Once you have set up a GoFax account and purchased a plan, please complete and return the GoFax Porting Authority to get your port underway. 

We also recommend reviewing our additional porting resources: 

Contact GoFax Support for any further queries. 


Existing carriers we are unable to port numbers between:

  • NetSIP
  • Virtutel