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Porting terminology

When preparing to port or transfer your number from one service provider to another, below are some common terms used.

Porting: The terms “port” or “porting” are used within GoLogic/GoFax to refer to the moving or transferring of fax numbers between telecommunications carriers. A port can technically refer to a transfer of any service on a customer’s account with a telecommunications carrier. 

Losing Carrier: The losing or releasing carrier that the customer's fax number service is currently billed to.

Gaining Carrier: The new carrier or service provider which the customer is attempting to transfer/port the fax number service to.

Emergency Roll Back: The process of rolling back/ reversing the fax number port, back to the originating/losing carrier. See instructions on managing 'Emergency Port Roll Backs'.

Port Rejected: When the port order submitted is rejected by the losing carrier.

Port Accepted: When the port order submitted is accepted by the losing carrier.