Managing your Account Information

Managing your Account Details

To view and manage your GoFax account details:

  1. Login to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. From within your GoFax Account, go to the main menu "Dashboard",
  3. Select “My Account”,
  4. Select “Account Details”. 
  5. To edit your account details, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Edit Account Details”. 
Types of Account Details: 
Business Name*: The name of the business or account name. 
ABN: The Australian Business Number of equivalent business number of the account. 
Telephone*: The business/personal telephone number. 
Fax: The business/personal fax number. 
Address, City, State, Postcode: The address details of the account holder/ business. 
Country*: The country of the Account Holder. This is usually also the Billing Country for taxation purposes.
Authorised Account Holder*: The name of the legal account holder who has signed the Terms & Conditions and holds authority over the account.
Authorised Account Holder Email Address*: The email address of the legal account holder who has signed the Terms & Conditions and holds authority over the account.
Main Contact Details: The main contact details. This contact will receive System Notifications via email for important service updates, and/or will be the main phone contact when required. 
Billing Contact Details: The billing contact details will receive billing updates, including copies or invoices for online sales. 

We highly recommend that you update your Account Details with the above details so that we can verify your account and to allow Customer Support to be provided to approved contacts. 
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