GoFax API access tokens

API access tokens

Our system features an application programming interface that allows programmers to code applications to communicate directly with our online fax / SMS system. Security is managed by access tokens, which allow encrypted connections between our system and configured applications.

To view current API access and add new tokens:

  1. Go to the main menu (The Dashboard)
  2. Select “My Account” => “API Access”

To add a new token, enter an identifying name in the “Key Name:” text box under the “Add API Access Token” headline and click “Add Now”.

Tokens can only be deleted by a system administrator; to remove a token, please send an email from the “Authorised Account Holder” email address to our support contact email address.

Expiry Date for API Token : 

While creating and API token, an expiry Date can be set to an API token. This can be used if your using an application to connect to the GoFax System for a limited time. 

Note : The API token will expire on the date provided, if you need to continue using the token please follow the steps below to create a new expiry date.

Identify the Expired API token 
  1. Click Edit 
  2. Select a new Token Expiry using the Date Picker
  3. Click Save
Note : If you wish not to set an Expiry Date for the API Token clear the Token Expiry field and Click Save.

Delete Data : 

This allows you to delete the fax document once the Fax is sent via the API using the token. 

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