Managing your alerts

You can configure various automatic alerts to notify you of changes within your GoFax account. These alerts can be updated 24/7 via your GoFax portal.

My Send Credit Reminders

For prepaid accounts, you can configure automatic email notifications to alert you of a low send credit balance on your GoFax account. To configure "My Send Credit Reminders": 

  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard )
  3. Select "My Account"
  4. Select "My Send Credit Reminders"
  5. There are 2 thresholds for alerts: 
    • Set my Low Credit Notification (credits): This is your 1st alert. Enter the credit value that you wish to be first alerted when your account reaches. e.g 300 credits.
    • Secondary Alert Level (credits): This is your 2nd alert. Enter the credit value that you wish to receive as a second alert when your account reaches. e.g 100 credits.
  6. Add the email address/s you wish to receive these alerts to in the field "When credits are low, send an email notification to". You can enter multiple email addresses. Simply add a comma to separate multiple email addresses. 
  7. Click "Save Changes". 

Please note: To disable these alerts, remove the email address/s from the field "When credits are low, send an email notification to". Click "Save Changes".

We recommend that "My Send Credit Reminders" alerts are modified based on the Send Credit Package purchased, and/or your individual preferences. For example, if you purchase a Level 5 Send Package, you would likely want to have a higher 1st alert e.g. 3000 credits, and the 2nd alert e.g. 1000 credits. 

SMS alerts

In additional to the above alerts, you can configure optional SMS alerts on your GoFax account. When activated, you will receive SMS alerts to your nominated mobile number based on the below preferences selected. All SMS alerts are charged per current SMS pricing and would require send credits on your account to enable receipt of these alerts.

Optional alerts include: 

  1. Auto Top-Up Success
  2. Auto Top-Up Failure
  3. Low Credit Warning (see above My Send Credit Reminders)
  4. New Invoice Available (After an online purchase within your portal, whether automated or user-driven)
  5. Successful Fax Delivery
  6. Un-Successful Fax Delivery

To activate SMS alerts:

  1. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard )
  2. Select "My Account"
  3. Select "SMS Alerts"
  4. Tick the check boxes to add / remove alerts as required
  5. Add/update the destination mobile number for the alerts in the “Send notifications to” text box. 
  6. Click "Save Changes".

Please note: Each SMS alert sent will apply a charge for one SMS message to your account regardless of whether the message is received successfully. (Per SMS pricing is based on the level of Send Credit Package purchased on your account, see SMS pricing). All SMS alerts are deactivated by default.