How to test my fax number is working?

You can test/confirm your fax number is working with these few quick steps: 
  1. Call your fax number (including area code) from your mobile or a landline. You should hear a fax tone immediately. 
  2. Send a test fax to your fax number via email or follow the steps below.
To send a test fax online:
  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu "Dashboard"
  3. Select "Send Fax Service", then select "Send Faxes Online" 
  4. Enter the your number in the "Fax Numbers"
  5. Tick "Use Cover Sheet" and in the Cover sheet box Type : TEST FAX
  6. Click "Send Now" 
If your fax number is working, you will receive the fax to your nominated email and the fax should be displayed under the "View Received Faxes" menu on your GoFax secure web portal. You should also receive a delivery notification confirming the status "Fax Sent Successfully" etc. 
If the above test does not work as expected, please contact GoFax Support for further assistance.