How to improve fax send quality

When sending faxes there are various factors which may affect fax send quality and what the receiving machine/fax number receives. These may include, but are not limited to:

Design of the fax including font size, colour and images: 

  • Colour: Elements within a fax should always be in pure black on a pure white background.
  • Fonts: Sans-serif fonts are preferred over Serif fonts when faxing. Fine fonts, such as Arial, may not be as clear. We recommend using a softer, rounded font like Calibri or Verdana in a minimum size of 10.
  • Images: As fax conversion attempts to render content in black dots, colour items and grey elements often do not convert well. As above, we recommend any text, borders or logos be rendered as pure black.

Document format and properties: 

Document format and properties such as whether the document was printed, scanned and then faxed, file format and resolution.
  • High Resolution sending. GoFax Standard quality is 204 x 98 dpi. High quality is 204 x 196 dpi. Scanner settings for optimal faxing should not exceed 300 x 300dpi.
  • Providing fax pages as TIF files: A TIF file provided with incorrect dimensions for faxing may only reproduce part of the page at the destination end.
    • A TIF file provided for faxing at GoFax Standard quality should be 1728 pixels wide and 1100 pixels vertically (portrait layout).
    • A TIF file provided for faxing at GoFax High quality should be 1728 pixels wide and 2200 pixels vertically (portrait layout).

The Receiving Machine: 

Please ensure you or your recipient prints the received fax to show true receive quality, as PDF viewers may display the fax document at a lower resolution. Setting a PDF viewer’s zoom to 150% will give a result close to a printed copy.

Routing:  GoFax may be able to adjust routing settings to assess improvements for file processing.

Additional tips: We recommend avoiding large blocks of black as these can cause a fax document to take additional time for printing and use more of the receiver's toner supply.


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