GoFax : Test Fax service

GoFax provides Test Fax service the view the final status of a Fax sent. 
This service can be used to test Fax submitted via the RESTful API, Dashboard, GoFax App and email to fax.

To Send a Test Fax via the GoFax Dashboard :

  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu "Dashboard"
  3. Select "Send Fax Service", then select "Send Faxes Online" 
  4. Enter the number/s you wish to test the final status in the "Fax Numbers" text box. e.g : 0711111111 or 61711111111
  5. Click "Choose file" or "Browse" (may vary depending on your browser)
  6. Select a file you wish to fax, click "Upload"    
  7. Click "Send Now" 
Test Number 
 Final Fax Status
Fax successfully sent
Connection but not a fax machine 
No answer
Check number and try again
Invalid documents found in fax. Please try again
Recipient number is on blocked list. Please contact support
Error during transmission. Please try again
To view your Sent Fax History :
  1. Go to the left main menu "Dashboard" 
  2. Select "Send Fax Service", then select "View Sent Faxes" 
Note :
  1. No Send Credit are required to send a Fax to the above numbers.
  2. Fax number are for test purpose only and will no send credits will be charged for the Fax attempted.
  3. No Fax Document will be transmitted to the above number, this is only for test purpose only.