GoFax and ReferralNet integration

How do I integrate my GoFax account?

In order to integrate your GoFax account to ReferralNet, you’ll need to provide ReferralNet with an API key which can be generated from within your GoFax account.  
To view current API access and add new tokens:
  1. Go to the main menu (The Dashboard)
  2. Select "My Account" => "API Access"
To add a new token, enter an identifying name in the "Key Name:" <e.g: ReferralNetGoFax in the text box under the "Add API Access Token" headline and click "Add Now".
Expiry Date for API Token: When creating an API token, an expiry date can be set to an API token. This can be used if your using an application to connect to the GoFax System for a limited time. We recommend leaving this blank when your integration has an indefinite expiry.
The system will then generate an API token which will need to be securely passed on to the ReferralNet team who will finalise the integration. 

Do I need an account in both GoFax and ReferralNet?

To gain access to the capabilities of faxing via ReferralNet, users will need to have an account with both ReferralNet and GoFax.   
An API integration will connect the GoFax function within ReferralNet, allowing faxes to be securely sent and received directly from your ReferralNet enabled clinical system.

How does GoFax work with ReferralNet? 

The system-to-system connection between GoFax and ReferralNet provides a streamlined workflow for the exchange of secure documents.   
When a fax is received via your GoFax number, ReferralNet cloud services will transform the document into HL7, thereby passing the eReferral securely into the connected clinical system for actioning. 

What format types can I send fax and eReferrals in with the new system?

There are various formats in which ReferralNet can transmit data. Healthcare providers can securely send and receive health-related information with other medical professionals or organisations, such as referrals, specialist reports, results, discharge summaries, event summaries, voice notes, letters, images, photos, videos, raw PDF, and other HL7 documents.

Can I use GoFax and ReferralNet via my current clinical system? 

If your current clinical system integrates with ReferralNet, you will be able to use GoFax and ReferralNet via your current clinical system. The functionality is integrated within ReferralNet, therefore any clinical system which already integrates with ReferralNet will perform the function from within their system. ReferralNet integrates with many major clinical software solutions: 
  2. Best Practice
  3. Cerner®
  4. Cliniko
  5. Communicare
  7. Cynetics
  8. Front Desk®
  9. Fuji RIS
  10. GE Viewpoint™
  11. Genie
  12. HealthKit
  13. Incisive SPM
  14. Karisma
  15. Kestral PLS
  16. MasterCare +
  17. MasterCare Connect
  18. MasterCare EMR
  19. Medical Director
  20. Medtech
  21. MMeX
  22. OCCAM
  23. PPMP
  24. PrimaryClinic
  25. Profile
  26. S4S (Audit4)
  27. Voyager RIS
  28. ZedMed
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