Blocked attachments

In some instances, it may be necessary to block attachments from becoming fax pages when using the email-to-fax method for sending faxes.

Our fax send system accepts a variety of file types; see Accepted Fax Send File Types.

To block attachments/file types from becoming fax pages: 

  • Log in to your GoFax secure web portal 
  • Go to the left main menu (Dashboard) 
  • Select -> Send Fax Service
  • Select -> Manage Send Settings
  • Select -> Blocked Attachments
  • In the Add a new attachment type field, enter filename. 

Graphical user interface, website

Description automatically generated

  • Click -> Go

💡 To block a file type, you may enter a wild card. I.e. *.gif
This will block any file attachments with file extension .gif from sending as a fax document. 

⚠️To avoid additional charges on outbound faxes, please ensure that your email auto signature has been disabled/removed before sending email-to-fax. Alternatively, add the auto signature file type as a wild card blocked attachment by following the steps above.