Auto delete on SMS message content sent

By default, GoFax securely stores SMS message content for SMS sent. An optional feature is available called "Auto delete SMS message content". When activated, SMS message content will be deleted once the SMS message delivery is finalised.

Activate "Auto Delete" for SMS content sent

  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard)
  3. Under "SMS Send Service", select "Manage SMS Settings", then "General SMS Settings"
  4. Tick the box "Auto delete SMS message content"
  5. Click "Save".

Please note: Deleting SMS content does not delete the SMS metadata e.g the SMS message history for the SMS from your account’s log. Date, time, character count, recipient mobile etc. 

The SMS content will be deleted at an account level, for all SMS sent under your account- e.g. SMS sent via API, the secure web portal, email, and GoFax app.

When "Auto delete SMS message content" is enabled SMS message content cannot be retrieved. We highly recommend you review your audit requirements and/or processes to ensure the suitability of this feature prior to activation. 

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