API access tokens

Our system features an application programming interface that allows programmers to code applications to communicate directly with our online fax / SMS system. Security is managed by access tokens, which allow encrypted connections between our system and configured applications.

To view current API access and add new tokens:

  1. Login to your GoFax Secure Web Portal 
  2. Select -> My Account -> API Access

Key Name: Enter an identifying name.

Expiry: Enter expiry date. (Limited to no longer than 12 months from date of creation) a maximum one year in advance).  no :” text box under the “Add API Access Token” headline and click “Add Now”.

Delete Data: If enabled, fax documents will be deleted after sending via API. 

3. Click -> Add Now

Tokens can only be deleted by a system administrator. To remove a token, please send an email from the “Authorised Account Holder” email address to our support contact email address.

API Token Expiry : API Tokens play a crucial role in accessing your sensitive data. It is imperative to manage API Tokens in a manner that complies with industry best practices and regulatory compliance. 

To extend the expiry date, simply identify the expired API token: 

  1. Click Edit 
  2. Select a new Token Expiry using the Date Picker
  3. Click Save

Delete Data: Optional security feature whereby if enabled, the system will delete the fax document once the fax is sent via the API token.

Please note:  Deleting fax pages does not delete the sending record (meta data)from your account’s log. We are legally required to maintain a log of all faxes sent for a twelve-month period.