View Received Faxes

View received faxes

GoFax retains the converted pages for received faxes for the last ninety (90) days. Log data of all faxes received is retained for a twelve (12) month period.  See below for how to access, view and download fax receive reports.
  1. Log in to your GoFax secure web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard)
  3. Select "Receive Fax Service", then select "View Received Faxes"
  4. From this menu you can: 

View received faxes online

  1. The "Faxes Received for (your account name)" page will appear with the current month’s receive activity for the first receive number in the list
  2. Adjust the date range as required 
  3. If you have multiple receive numbers: 
    1. Select the number you wish to review from the "Fax List for" drop-down box.
    2. Wait for the page to reload.

View fax content

  1. Under "Receive Faxes"
  2. Go to the "Actions" column of the list, (on the far right)
  3. Select on one of the two available icons to download the page/s: either PDF or TIFF.
  4. Click and the file will automatically download to your device. 

Re-sending received faxes via email

  1. Under "Receive Faxes" 
  2. Go to the "Actions" column of the list, (on the far right)
  3. Select "Resend" 
  4. This will resend a copy of the received fax to your email address associated with this fax number. 

Status of faxes received 

GoFax provides one of two results for each fax call to a GoFax receive number:

Complete: The sending fax machine/service dialed and successfully connected to your fax number. The sending fax machine/service sent fax page data; GoFax received each page, then sent and received the standard "page received OK" signal before the sending fax machine sent the next page. Once GoFax confirmed receipt of all sent pages, the sending fax machine advised the call was disconnecting and ended the call.

Incomplete: The sending fax machine/service dialed and successfully connected to your fax number..The sending fax machine/service began sending fax data but the call was terminated before GoFax sent the "page received OK" signal for every page provided (either by line dropout, manual termination at the sender’s end or automatic termination at our end if data transmission stopped but the connection remained up). 

Downloading fax reports

You can download the results of your receive history on all fax number services as a .csv (comma separated values) file, by clicking “Download List as CSV” below the “Fax List for” drop-down menu. 

View GoFax reporting for more details on automatic reporting options. 

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