How to pay for outstanding online subscription invoices?

Recurring subscriptions for Send/Receive Bundles or Receive plans are automatically attempted for payment processing on the 1st day of each calendar month. GoFax will notify you via email of a transaction failure.  

Unpaid Invoices

Unpaid invoices are a result of GoFax unable to successfully process payment for your subscription/s on your nominated credit card. View Failed Transaction Response Codes. Outstanding online subscriptions requiring payment will be displayed within your secure GoFax web portal, under My Account > My Invoices within with the status of 'Unpaid'. 

Review Payment Failure

We recommend reviewing the payment failure reason and/or log in and update your credit card details

How to re-attempt payment for your online subscription? 

GoFax users with a Send/Receive Bundle or Receive plan are able to re-attempt any failed credit card payment transaction for monthly or annual subscription renewals via your GoFax secure web portal. 

Once you have reviewed and/or updated credit card details you can proceed to re-attempting payment for your outstanding online subscription on your GoFax account:  

  1. Log in to your secure GoFax web portal
  2. Go to the left main menu (Dashboard )
  3. Select "My Account", select "My Invoices" 
  4. Invoices can be paid by clicking on "Pay Now", you will be redirected to the Transaction Details Page.
  5. On the Transaction Details page, you are provided details of the transaction including information on the prior failure, click the link click here to re-attempt the transaction. 

  6. Your payment will then be immediately re-attempted. A payment gateway response message will appear. If the payment is successful you will see a message "Transaction Approved".
  7. When a transaction is processed successfully, the Authorised Account Holder and the Billing Contact will also automatically receive an email with a PDF copy of the invoice attached.  If you wish to change the email addresses which receive copies of invoices, please view further information on  How to update your Account Details
  8. Once the payment is processed successfully to your card, the invoice will be updated to a status of 'Paid'.

Helpful resources: 

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